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Bankruptcy Representation Testimonials In Winchester and The Northern Shenandoah Valley, VA


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Read the satisfied client testimonials below. You will learn why Attorney Harold is the man you should trust with your Chapter 7 bankruptcy or civil litigation case. Call or email us today for more information. Don't hesitate to contact us.
Much Appreciated by Dave - 11/08/2013
Mr. Harold is efficient, thorough, and actually pleasant to deal with in very difficult circumstances. I highly recommend the man.
Thank you Mr Harold by J & D D - 07/22/2013
We are very pleased with Mr. Harold. He has helped us through very difficult time. He is extremely knowledgeable and tells it like it is, not sugar coating anything. Mr. Harold has been very open, upfront, and honest with us. We highly recommend Mr. Harold to anyone facing bankruptcy or any other legal assistance that he can provide.
Douglas Harold, Bankruptcy Attorney by Skip & Linda - 12/07/2012
Mr. Harold is an excellent attorney. He explains and takes the time to make sure that you know what is going on. He tells it like it is. You leave his office filling confident that things will be done correctly. We will recommend him to anyone who needs his type of service.
Douglas Harold Jr., Knowledgeable Attorney by Tim P - 12/03/2012
Mr. Harold was very good. He is a very knowledgeable person and really shows that he does care for your well-being. He explains what information is needed and when and where everything takes place right on the spot. He makes sure that you are fully prepared, and answers any and all questions you may have. Mr. Harold will promptly return any phone calls. Mr. Harold tells everything like it is, straight to the point, no BS. I would highly recommend Mr. Harold for anyone having to go through the Bankruptcy process.
Wise Attorney by ReliefforAngela - 11/04/2012
Mr. Harold was great. I was referred to him by my accountant, and he was everything that was described to me. Mr. Harold was patient and knowledgeable about all the information that I needed to have. He made sure that I was thoroughly prepped for what was to come and he went through it all step-by-step. I appreciated his no-nonsense attitude and made me feel that I was not alone in this, nor the first person to go through, a very difficult decision. I would recommend him anytime.
Douglas Harold attorney review by R - 10/11/2012
Mr. Harold doesn't try to sugar coat anything. He tells you the facts and is very blunt and to the point. This is the attorney you need. He tells you exactly what you need to know and more. He is very responsive and always returns your calls and always answers your questions. Every time I have called him with any questions he is always quick to respond, even if it is a question that deals with my own insecurities concerning my case. He explains everything so that anyone can understand. HIGHLY recommended.
Using Doug as your attorney by Holly - 09/06/2012
I was referred to Doug by a friend. When I first met with Doug he told me like it is, and what was expected of me. I believe that you would be well served to use Doug, if you're in need of filing chapter 7 bankruptcy.
Working with Doug Harold by Satisfied Customer - 08/02/2012
After several false starts, surfing the web, talking with other attorneys we found Mr. Harold. We obtained more facts and straight talk from him in a 30 minute phone conversation than we were able to obtain in “months” of surfing/talking with others. Mr. Harold provided quick, efficient and comprehensive service for a very reasonable price. He answered all questions and walked us through the entire process with the outcome exactly as he told us it would be. Mr. Harold walked us through this most difficult time, we can't imagine doing this without his sound council. I would recommend Mr. Harold to anyone who finds themselves in the unfortunate position of filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.
Thanks for the help by browns - 07/12/2012
Declaring bankruptcy was hard for but with the help of Mr. Harold he made the process a little easier. He pulled no punches and was a straight shooter, and he did his very best to get us through it and in the end there were no surprises and everything he said was right on time, he was the very best.
Bankruptcy by Kutrina - 06/18/2012
Coming to the decision to file bankruptcy was a hard and emotional decision, but I had no other choice after my divorce and current financial situation. Mr. Harold explained how to know which chapter to file, what information to gather, which bills could and couldn't be discharged. He answered all questions and was patient and informative about my concerns. I felt good about having him as my bankruptcy attorney and feel that he did an amazing job and gave me confidence and security that I needed to get this done.
A good man by Wood - 06/08/2012
Declaring Bankruptcy was a difficult and emotional decision for me. Mr. Harold was professional and showed no sign of passing judgment. He was efficient and explained the process completely. There were no surprises.

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